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Song for the Muted: Au Clair

I’ll admit, my inspiration generally comes from other photographer’s work or other paper based artwork. It is not uncommon, however, for me to be inspired by other forms of art or even random things in general. One such example is something I came across yesterday while browsing the web aimlessly. The Spring/Summer collection Au Clair from the 2010 Australian Fashion Week, by designers Lyna Ty and Melvin Tanaya, is pretty great. I do not follow fashion very closely at all, but I am always impressed by quality and craft. This collection from Song for the Muted is just something that stood out from all the others.

The photography, by Jeff Yiu, is also very impressive and definitely worth a mention.

Check out the collection at for•tomorrow:

Song for the Mute | Au Clair, Spring/Summer 2010 – 2011 Collection from Marcel Gunawan on Vimeo.