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Kerry Payne: Left Behind

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved

For this week’s inspiration I wanted to share a slideshow posted on Burn Magazine, of Kerry Payne’s series Left Behind.

You can watch it here.

In her work, Payne explores the idea of suicide, and the the affect it has on family members. It is a very personal subject that is rarely talked about openly. Interviews with family members who have lost someone, help to show how drastically a suicide can impact the lives of those left behind.

It is a powerful body of work executed succinctly.

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved.

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved.

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved.


Hiroshi Watanabe

I made an earlier promise to attempt to share work that I find truly inspirational, and hope to follow through as much as possible. Today I have one artist in particular that I wanted to share: Hiroshi Watanabe. His work is fantastic, with underlying cultural themes that offer a wonderful sense of depth to the work.

Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith is a photographer anyone and everyone should take a moment to check out. A personal favorite of mine, he has produced a wide variety of iconic images over a long period of time. Being quite partial to classic black and white imagery, his seductive use of light and tonality never fails to make me stop short and stare. When I find myself buried with schoolwork, or just work in general I like to go through my collection of inspiration and take a moment to just experience other people’s work and forget about my own. More times then not, it serves to allow for an extended period of increased and inspired productivity for myself! So as I look at these sources from time-to-time, I will make it another goal of mine to share them here for anyone out there who may just find them to be inspirational too.