Philly Photo Day!

October 28th will be a great day to remember for anyone in the Philadelphia area this year; and what better way to remember than with a photograph?

Philly Photo Day is being arranged and spearheaded by The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) to support community driven photography. This October 28th, PPAC is asking anyone and everyone in Philadelphia to take a moment of their day and photograph Philadelphia in a way that best represents the city to each individual.

This is a great opportunity for photographers of all skill levels to support and celebrate photography’s democratization and influence on daily life.

For more information check PPAC’s website.

Get your cameras ready!


Hiroshi Watanabe

I made an earlier promise to attempt to share work that I find truly inspirational, and hope to follow through as much as possible. Today I have one artist in particular that I wanted to share: Hiroshi Watanabe. His work is fantastic, with underlying cultural themes that offer a wonderful sense of depth to the work.

Summer in Philadelphia

A lengthy process of searching and applying to various internship opportunities has resulted in a fantastic opportunity. The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is a recent establishment offering a wide range of photographic services. Scanning, retouching, large-format printing, exhibiting, all in one magnificent place. Sarah Stolfa (the executive director) has made PPAC a name to be remembered and looked to for quality in the Philadelphia area.

I was fortunate enough to accept an internship under Sarah and am proud to be part of the center’s early progress, as it further displays its unique importance to the area.

If you happen to be in the city at some point, make it a goal to stop by and take a look around the center. It will surely be worth the trip.

Submit to Devoro Magazine!

Some fellow students and friends of mine have put together what is promising to be a fantastic publication of local artists and their work. The title Devoro is a latin term that translates to mean devour. I fully expect this to be a great selection of work from the Savannah, GA area.

They are currently looking for submissions for the first issue that will be released in the near future. Go submit!!! Details on doing so can be found here.

Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith is a photographer anyone and everyone should take a moment to check out. A personal favorite of mine, he has produced a wide variety of iconic images over a long period of time. Being quite partial to classic black and white imagery, his seductive use of light and tonality never fails to make me stop short and stare. When I find myself buried with schoolwork, or just work in general I like to go through my collection of inspiration and take a moment to just experience other people’s work and forget about my own. More times then not, it serves to allow for an extended period of increased and inspired productivity for myself! So as I look at these sources from time-to-time, I will make it another goal of mine to share them here for anyone out there who may just find them to be inspirational too.

Who am I?

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend taking the time to watch the movie Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire.

Having just finished it myself, I can’t help but be left with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. Uncertain about where I am now, uncertain about where I am going, uncertain about who I am at all, and how I got to be this way. This sense of ambiguity is coupled with the fact that today is my birthday. I am officially twenty-one years of age. A mystic age for most, delivering a feeling of accomplishment and excitement. I find myself, instead, asking “I made it this far, but where do I go from here?”

This is both a terrifying, and exciting concept in the same stroke. Terrifying for the fact that the unknown can often times be full of less-than-favorable outcomes; exciting in the fact that with the bad, comes the good. But, I digress. So to you, I offer this ending sentiment:

Learn from the past. Live for today. Look forward to tomorrow.