Lauryn Hill: I Gotta Find Peace of Mind

For today’s Jukebox, can I just start by saying I love Lauryn Hill. Her ability as a musician in unbelievable. Between her work with The Fugees and her solo career, she has proven to be one of my favorite artists.

This song will speak for itself far better than I can; check out Lauryn Hill on MTV Unplugged, with I Gotta Find Peace of Mind:


Song for the Muted: Au Clair

I’ll admit, my inspiration generally comes from other photographer’s work or other paper based artwork. It is not uncommon, however, for me to be inspired by other forms of art or even random things in general. One such example is something I came across yesterday while browsing the web aimlessly. The Spring/Summer collection Au Clair from the 2010 Australian Fashion Week, by designers Lyna Ty and Melvin Tanaya, is pretty great. I do not follow fashion very closely at all, but I am always impressed by quality and craft. This collection from Song for the Muted is just something that stood out from all the others.

The photography, by Jeff Yiu, is also very impressive and definitely worth a mention.

Check out the collection at for•tomorrow:

Song for the Mute | Au Clair, Spring/Summer 2010 – 2011 Collection from Marcel Gunawan on Vimeo.

T.O.P – Turn It Up

I have been wrestling with the idea of doing something along the lines of a daily song or a weekly album. I think it will be fun, because depending on what’s going on in my life, my listening habits change quickly. Sometimes I will listen to one album for a week (sometimes more); other times I will mix it up and float around. It seems like a fun way to start (or finish) the day, and hopefully it will lift at least one person’s spirit when they see it.

It should be consistent enough to be tolerable. I’ll do my best.

So without further ado, let’s get this virtual Jukebox started with a personal favorite (thanks to Ms. Courtney Wirth) T.O.P’s Turn It Up.

Flash! Ahhh. Savior of the…


This coming term, I managed to snag a spot in the newly re-designed Advanced Studio Lighting class. With only 10 spots available for the course I am very excited to be one of them. Why am I excited? Well…

The class gathers for a five hour session each week  at newly developed Meddin Studios. MS is an awesome collection of studio space, film equipment, professional support, and endless possibilities. Check out the link for more information on them.
On top of that, the class will be structured around more professional studio practices while still allowing for personal exploration and deviation. I loved my first studio class (some examples below) and can not wait to put what I have planned  in to motion. I plan to be far busier this term and subsequent ones. Only one year left!

Look for more studio stuff this fall!

Find some Mojo with Tom Petty

I finally got my hands on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers latest album Mojo, and gave it a listen not necessarily expecting too much.  I could not have been any further from the mark.

Mojo impressed me right away for it’s departure from their usual sound (most notably, TP’s Rickenbacker 360/12). While it is still Rock n’ Roll- don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t- there is a definite change in mood with an underlying blueslike feel to it. The band seems to be wearing their hearts on their sleeves this time around.

Suffice it to say, I am thoroughly satisfied with where they went with Mojo, and I would recommend giving it a listen. You will still find what made them great before; this time they are simply taking it a step further.


Philadelphia is an amazing city. I love it.

The word Philadelphia comes from the combination of Greek words philos (meaning love) and adelphos (meaning brother). Hence The City of Brotherly Love.

I took advantage of the few hours before work the other other day to walk around center city and check it out. D300 in hand, I made my way to City Hall, LOVE Park, Comcast Center, etc. The thing I noticed most is that whenever I am in a city, I am always looking up. I just can’t help but be impressed by the collection of massive skyscrapers in every direction. They seem to almost become one with the sky above, rising to the very heavens. Cities offer a staggering reminder of how small we are in the world. I like to think that this reminder serves to inspire instead of intimidate.

Kerry Payne: Left Behind

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved

For this week’s inspiration I wanted to share a slideshow posted on Burn Magazine, of Kerry Payne’s series Left Behind.

You can watch it here.

In her work, Payne explores the idea of suicide, and the the affect it has on family members. It is a very personal subject that is rarely talked about openly. Interviews with family members who have lost someone, help to show how drastically a suicide can impact the lives of those left behind.

It is a powerful body of work executed succinctly.

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved.

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved.

© Kerry Payne. All Rights Reserved.